Auto Recovery

Best Auto Recovery Investigator in Southern CaliforniaAuto Recovery or auto repossession is one of the most dangerous jobs we’ve ever taken on. And yes, in our opinion it is MORE dangerous than fugitive recovery AKA “Bounty Hunting.” Auto Repossession experts have more stories of guns being pulled on them than any fugitive recovery expert.

We perform auto recovery or auto repossesions for Banks, Credit Unions, Creditors, and private persons. We perform this service as it is a necessary evil service. Fraudsters are getting more savvy and Sadly, the police won’t get involved as it is a “civil” issue. Who do you turn to when no one will help? Southland Investigations is here for you. We recover several vehicles per year from California, to Arizona, and Washington.

Most of the time we can recover your vehicle quickly! However today and sadly the fraudsters are very savvy and know how to avoid detection. With cases like this, you need to be understanding and patient. If rushed, they can go deeper into hiding but if handled properly we can snatch it up in the middle of the night or while they’re at work.

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