GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers sales and or rentals.

GPS Tracking is one of the more important services we provide.  Sometimes surveillance alone won’t cut it.  With that said, California law requires that one must have permission of the registered owner of the vehicle to place a tracker on it or within it.  I assume this is to prevent invasion of privacy and stalking.

GPS Tracker

We have several options available; rentals, to purchases and simple magnetic units that can be placed anywhere on/within the car.  We also have units that plug into the vehicles power source and gets placed anywhere within the vehicle.  Both units are great and between the both of them, one will suit your needs.

Now that the unit is on the car we will provide you with a username & password to log in online.  Once online, you’ll be able to see where the vehicle is, where the vehicle has been and print out many reports.  These tools are ideal for a child that is young enough to drive but gets lost easily or maybe your child has lied about their whereabouts in the past.  Either way, you’ll have the information you need.

The extended battery version can last from one month to six months depending on activity.

GPS tracker with extended battery

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