Process Service

Hiring a process server or a private investigator for process service of your documents is key to getting the job done right and hopefully done right the first time. We have the skills tools and abilities to search for information and subtleties in discovering your subject.

Southland Investigations is your “go to team” for service of process. Don’t even think about using the sheriffs Department. Do you think they care? and what did you expect for 35.00 dollar personal service? let me put it in perspective. The Sheriffs Department take hundreds of documents and pass them out to their civil servants. These individuals are “want a be cops” at best. They show up at the provided address at 7:00 am. and knock on the door. Oh! By they way, they show up in full uniform and most likely parked their car on the persons lawn… It’s a no brainer as to why they couldn’t get your documents served. (Most people won’t open their door to these people)

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